Welcome TO JimmyHodson.com


Welcome to JimmyHodson.com.

Jimmy Hodson is one of the top 100,000 Los Angeles, CA based movie trailer/TV promo/narration voiceover actors with his own state of the art digital recording studio.  Jimmy is represented by the powerhouse voiceover agency DPN Talent in Beverly Hills, CA. 

He’s narrated promos for multiple networks, voiced the opening of Monday Night Football, was the signature voice of FOX Soccer Channel & Fox Soccer PLUS for 5 years, Divorce Court for 12 years, and continues to be the voice of In-N-Out Burger & NordicTrack, did promos for Fox Sports & FSN, voices movie trailers, and has narrated innumerable TV shows over the decades, and has narrated and hosted countless specials and other series since starting in the business as a teenager in 1980. He has voiced thousands of movie trailers, TV promos, TV shows, commercials and audiobooks, as well as a few voice mail outgoing messages for friends and clients. Click for CREDITS.

At 6'-8", Jimmy is the tallest voice actor in the business, except for Brad Garrett who is a measly half inch taller, but as he’s primarily a sitcom star, we’ll exclude him, as well as any other actors who are taller, but unknown to Jim.

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Tallest VO Talent in the world

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